Hide credit card accounts with zero balances

If you are like me you started using Mint because you have multiple credit card accounts.  I have more credit cards than fingers, let’s leave it at that 🙂

The majority of the time most of those cards carry a zero balance, but we do use them all from time to time (think store credit cards). I’m aware that Mint allows you to hide individual accounts, but then again this makes detecting fraudulent activity more difficult.

The following code removes accounts with zero balance from Accounts Overview. One important exception is that I don’t hide accounts in ‘error’ state, but that can be easily changed.  You can run this code from the Javascript console (F12).

YUI().use("*",function(e){e.all("li#moduleAccounts-credit li.accounts-data-li").each(function(e){if(!e.hasClass("error")){var t=e.one("span.balance").get("text");if(t=="$0.00"){e.remove(true)}}})})


//copyright 2014 vandre
YUI().use('*', function (Y) {
    Y.all('li#moduleAccounts-credit li.accounts-data-li').each(
     function (n) {
         if (!n.hasClass('error')) {
             var bal = n.one("span.balance").get('text');
             if (bal == "$0.00") { n.remove(true); }

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