Mojito 1.62 out now, Cuba 2017.1 coming soon

Mojito 1.62 Release Notes

  • Fixes Show/Hide Modules Functionality (Broken by Mint UI refresh)
  • Increases information density of new Mint UI (decrease padding/margins)
  • Free Mode access to Loan Repayment Calculator until 5/1

I will backport Show/Hide breakfix to Cuba shortly. I expect it will be available on Chrome Store no later than 5/1




  1. I still use Mojito in Free Mode and would appreciate an update to the settings page to indicate on a per-feature basis which ones are and are not available to me. Even an asterisk next to each feature name that is or isn’t included would be helpful. This would also make it more immediately obvious what the benefits of purchasing a subscription would be. Thanks!

    1. Hi there.. I’m not able to replicate this. Is this on Windows? Mac? Free-mode or subscription? I did a minor update 1.63 is it still not working?

  2. Today I noticed all of my accounts are now sorted by account name instead of bank name which is how it should be. How do I change this to the way it used to be when accounts were sorted alphabetically by bank name? Also it looks like Mint swapped the position for bank name and account name, and this is what caused the sort to break. Any way Mojito can fix this back to the way it used to be? Funny enough when I disable Mojito things go back to normal, so I don’t know what’s going on.

  3. I would love to be able to generate more detailed spending reports. In particular, under “Trends”, “Spending by Category or Tag”, it would be very helpful if the itemized transactions under each tag or category would display, subtotaled. I need this type of report for business expense reimbursement. This functionality was present in the legacy version of Yodlee Labs, now discontinued. Also, this may be beyond the scope of your extension, but could the entire report be printed as a pdf (not just a screenshot of the single web page)?

    Finally, would it be possible to edit transactions from the Mint overview page?

    Thanks for your great enhancements. Look forward to future updates.

  4. Another request. Would it be possible for Mojito to enable editing and deleting of the “hard-wired” Mint categories? Can bypass this limitation somewhat by using tags, but that prevents using auto-categorization rules.


    1. I cannot prevent autocategorization (That is done in Mint Servers), but I should be able to create a page to enable/disable particular transactions from the transaction category picker.

      1. Hi Ken! I looked into this. If I recall correctly this was a request from another user to do alpha-sort on account name (For which you have control) as opposed to bank name. I could add a global option to make this selectable (i.e. alpha-sort by account name or bank name)

      2. Thank you. But more important would be the ability to edit and delete (or disable/hide) Mint’s built in categories. These are distracting and make manually categorizing transactions burdensome.

        Also, do you think there is any possibility of enumerating and subtotaling individual transactions in the spending by category/tags reports under “trends” (as per my first note, above)?

        Enabling these two modifications would give your Mojito Chrome extension the functionality to turn Mint into a much more sophisticated financial tracking and reporting platform.

      3. Yes, alpha by bank name would be great! It used to be correct a few months ago, but some time it changed and Mojito sorted via account name instead of bank name. Also, I remember when the bank name and account name were flip flopped and you could fit more characters for account name. I don’t know when that changed either. Some time in July I think is when things changed.

        Thanks for your great work!

  5. Minor enhancement suggestion – add options to hide account inline in settings.

    And from transactions view – especially if you can add account name column as I asked (but either way) – account name should be a link straight to settings view, with the corresponding account details expanded. Would be nice to have this kind of shortcut to each account from overview as well – clicking account name jumps into transactions filtered by this account, but clicking a little pencil icon next to it jumps into settings for it.

  6. I believe this is a “bug” and not a “feature”: On transactions page, after filtering by date range, if one adds a search filter by description or category, the date range is overridden. So there doesn’t seem to be a way to view (and export) a transactions of a certain category from within a certain date range. Can do that from the trends tab, but not the transactions page.

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