Mojito 1.62 out now, Cuba 2017.1 coming soon

Mojito 1.62 Release Notes

  • Fixes Show/Hide Modules Functionality (Broken by Mint UI refresh)
  • Increases information density of new Mint UI (decrease padding/margins)
  • Free Mode access to Loan Repayment Calculator until 5/1

I will backport Show/Hide breakfix to Cuba shortly. I expect it will be available on Chrome Store no later than 5/1




  1. I still use Mojito in Free Mode and would appreciate an update to the settings page to indicate on a per-feature basis which ones are and are not available to me. Even an asterisk next to each feature name that is or isn’t included would be helpful. This would also make it more immediately obvious what the benefits of purchasing a subscription would be. Thanks!

    1. Hi there.. I’m not able to replicate this. Is this on Windows? Mac? Free-mode or subscription? I did a minor update 1.63 is it still not working?

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