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Mojito 1.62 out now, Cuba 2017.1 coming soon

Mojito 1.62 Release Notes

  • Fixes Show/Hide Modules Functionality (Broken by Mint UI refresh)
  • Increases information density of new Mint UI (decrease padding/margins)
  • Free Mode access to Loan Repayment Calculator until 5/1

I will backport Show/Hide breakfix to Cuba shortly. I expect it will be available on Chrome Store no later than 5/1



Mojito 1.61

New month, new Mojito release! Now the Loan Repayment Calculator allows you to bookmark loan calculations.

p.s. I’ll update this post with screenshots at a later time. It is past 2AM here right now…

Mojito 1.59 Released

We heard your feedback! As of Mojito 1.59 If you first installed this extension prior to 5/31/2014, you are grandfathered to the latest and greatest, no monthly fees.

Didn’t make the cutover? Check the Cuba Libre extension! One time fee of $2.99 until 1/1/17, $4.99 afterwards.

What is the difference between Mojito and Cuba Libre? Currently none, but throught 2017 Mojito will be adding new features as part of its subscription at no extra charge, whereas future updates to Cuba Libre will be In-app purchases (other than breakfixes)

Mojito Version 1.57 Released


After much consideration Mojito is moving to a subscription model. My hope is that this will allow me to focus on improving the product and in turn have a shorter development cycle.

Pricing will be $1/month, which I believe is very affordable. Even if you are not subscriber, the sort account balances functionality is still available for free.

Release notes:

  • Bugfix – Bills section not hiding (Overview Page)
  • Bugfix – Transaction filters not being applied
  • UI – Removed ‘Recommendation’ ads from Transactions page

Re-categorizing accounts

I’ve been toying around with this idea a bit, not sure if it would meet the needs of the majority of the folks having problems with mis-categorized accounts:

With some custom Javascript I could easily visually ‘move’ an account let’s say from ‘Cash’ to ‘Investments’ and re-calculate the Accounts total on-the-fly . The caveat is that this change would only affect the Overview page, the Trends page would still be wrong without a server-side fix from Mint. Also obviously the mobile apps would continue being wrong as well.

If this partial solution is something that you think is worth pursuing please vote/reply to this post. If there’s enough interest I could add it to the next version of my Chrome extension

Mojito Chrome Extension

Edit 3/21: Everything in the extension should be working fine again. Mint actually released a new version today, and the extension didn’t break. Yay!

Edit 3/19: I’m aware that the disable timeout functionality is not working at the moment. Apparently Mint didn’t like that people were circumventing their draconian timeout policies and changed the trigger for resetting the idle timer. I’m testing a workaround right now

Edit 3/17: It looks like has changed their markup. An updated extension version should be up shortly to address this.

Edit 3/16: Now with the ability to disable Mint timeout.  See the Chrome Web Store for detailed version history here

I built a Chrome extension that allows you to customize the sort order of accounts, among other tweaks.

The extension is very easy to use. Once it is running a new icon will appear next to each account section. Click on it to alternate sorting between ascending/descending/alphabetical. By default when first loads it defaults to descending order (like it used to work before Mint regression).


I appreciate your feedback!


Hide credit card accounts with zero balances

If you are like me you started using Mint because you have multiple credit card accounts.  I have more credit cards than fingers, let’s leave it at that 🙂

The majority of the time most of those cards carry a zero balance, but we do use them all from time to time (think store credit cards). I’m aware that Mint allows you to hide individual accounts, but then again this makes detecting fraudulent activity more difficult.

The following code removes accounts with zero balance from Accounts Overview. One important exception is that I don’t hide accounts in ‘error’ state, but that can be easily changed.  You can run this code from the Javascript console (F12).

YUI().use("*",function(e){e.all("li#moduleAccounts-credit li.accounts-data-li").each(function(e){if(!e.hasClass("error")){var"span.balance").get("text");if(t=="$0.00"){e.remove(true)}}})})


//copyright 2014 vandre
YUI().use('*', function (Y) {
    Y.all('li#moduleAccounts-credit li.accounts-data-li').each(
     function (n) {
         if (!n.hasClass('error')) {
             var bal ="span.balance").get('text');
             if (bal == "$0.00") { n.remove(true); }